The First Generation

Not all AWs during the late 60's time frame were on the original BUPERS Note 1420 designating the plankholder AWs..but many would be quickly joining the rate. Some joined as a result of command pressure, some the result of peer pressure, some for the desire to fly and operate the equipment, some to get off the flightline and fixing the equipment, and some were motivated, dare I say it, by the flight pay, pro pay, and reenlistment bonuses. Others, however, were coming fresh from boot camp, wide-eyed, and wondering what this AW thing was all about.

If you were one of those AWs who didn't make the plankholder list but became an AW prior to October 1, 1970...then this is your page...AWs: The First Generation!

If you are a First Generation AW and would like your email linked to the directory, let me know. Additionally, if any of the First Generation would like to include a bio update or pictures of yourself (before AND AFTER preferred), let me know. If you don't have a scanner, just contact me and I'll give you my home address. Mail the picture(s) to me and I'll scan and then mail them back to you.

If one (or more) of these First Generation AWs was your "sea daddy" or was someone you knew... here is your chance to offer your positive comments on what each of these AWs meant to your career.
Please contact me via email.    Rob