Fleet AW Association

I strongly ask all individuals eligible for Association membership to carefully review the suggested draft Articles of Association and By-Laws and provide me with your comments for revision. Rob


Articles of

Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
Principal Office
Article 4
Board of Directors
Article 5
Executive Committee and Divisional Officers
Article 6
Frequency of Board of Directors Meetings
Article 7
Board of Directors Vacancy
Article 8
Article 9
Article Amendment
Article 10
Association Membership
Article 11
Conflicts of Interests
Article 12
Political Neutrality
Article 13
Association Dissolution



By-Law 1
Membership Categories
By-Law 2
Membership Application
By-Law 3
Membership Expiration
By-Law 4
Membership Dues
By-Law 5
By-Law 6
Limitation of Powers
By-Law 7
Division Status
By-Law 8
By-Law 9
Candidate Eligibility
By-Law 10
Ballot Certification
By-Law 11
Lack of Nominee
By-Law 12
Officer Order of Precedence
By-Law 13
Election Scheduling
By-Law 14
Division Names
By-Law 15
Division Membership
By-Law 16
At-Large Members
By-Law 17
Director Recall
By-Law 18
Annual Meeting
By-Law 19
Special Meetings
By-Law 20
By-Law 21
By-Law 22
Questions of Order and Procedure
By-Law 23
President's Responsibilities During Meetings
By-Law 24
Vice President's Responsibilities During Meetings
By-Law 25
Secretary's Responsibilities During Meetings
By-Law 26
Treasurer's Responsibilities During Meetings
By-Law 27
Master-At-Arms Responsibilities During Meetings
By-Law 28
Standing Committees
By-Law 29
Administration and Finance Committee
By-Law 30
Awards Committee
By-Law 31
Scholarship Committee
By-Law 32
Annual Meeting Committee
By-Law 33
Election Committee
By-Law 34
By-Law 35
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