Fleet AW Association

Current or Former AWs
to begin organizing FAWA Divisions!!

          One of the laws of aerodynamics is that you need lift to achieve flight. That's exactly what the FAWA will need if it is ever to get off the ground and begin flying. We need "volunteers" to lift others to form the local divisions of FAWA.

          If your first thought is what's in it for me...then perhaps you're not the "ideal" organizer we need. For other interested folks, a possible side benefit to organizing your local division is that you "may" get elected to office. For the active and reserve duty types...this could be an eval bullet.

          I believe the ideal candidate would be the junior AW1 who's trying to obtain or tweek their leadership, managerial and organizational skills. This comment is not to deter other current or former AWs to take the lead as necessary to make this happen. If you're interested to help organize the local divisions until we have elections...then by all means..step up to the plate. For sites that have multiple individuals volunteering to organize...I'll have you contact each other and conduct your own form of coordinated ops.

          Potential local divisions include but are not limited to:

These are not all definite sites. If you live somewhere removed from most AWs and you want to form a division...go for it. The draft by-laws provide some guidance as to minimum number of members. It also provides for those folks not close to one of the mentioned sites to be an "at-large" member and you can affiliate with whatever division you prefer.

Contact me if you want to lift and shape your local FAWA Division!        Rob