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CVSG 57 2002 Reunion

The Gallery

The Gallery gives us the opportunity to share with the public the many pictures that highlight who we are, what we do, and how we do it. The FAWA is looking for these types of pictures. If you don't have a scanner, give me a yell and we'll arrange to digitize your pictures. All pictures posted here are considered to be in the public domain.

Thanks to the generosity of a fellow AW...we have now moved our gallery off the Tripod and Geocities sites which should increase your ability to view them without banners and bandwidth restrictions. I've grouped the pictures under certain categories. Select a category and wait awhile for the pictures to load. Subsequent visits will go faster once the page has been loaded in your cache. My thanks for your patience...Rob

If you have any such material that you wish to add...please forward to me via email! Some basic rules...640 X 480 .jpg files preferred...please list things like where you are, who you are, etc. You can suggest a witty caption or rely upon my perverse mind. Please list the photographer credit...I don't want us accused of ripping off someone's creative work. A couple things I would really desire is AW "A" school class pictures as well as AW shop pictures.

1991 VP-50 Mid-Air Anniversary
March 21, 2001
VP-50/FASO Fallen Shipmates West Coast Chapel Ceremony West Coast Procession West Coast Ceremony

35th AW Rating Birthday Reunion
Pensacola, Florida
August 21-22, 2003

Golf Outing Meet and Greet AW 'A' School Naval Air Museum