Fleet AW Association

All Hands Muster

All Hands Muster allows you the opportunity to announce command re-unions, shop get-togethers, retirement ceremonies or anything else where you have the opportunity to get together with friends and shipmates. Eventually I will post links for those sites that normally announce command re-unions but in the interim, if you are aware of any events that provide us the opportunity to re-unite…please give me a yell so I can post it.    Rob

Event Date Location POC Phone
VP-11 Sign-up Sheet Aug 21-23, 2009 Reno, NV
Sands Regency Hotel
Robert J. Bender Sr. 207-582-7179
VP-6 Oct 13-18, 2009 Honolulu, HI Steve Ellis 706-202-7105
VP-1 POPS 2009 San Diego, CA Jim McAllister TBD
VP-4 2009 Ft Worth, TX TBD TBD
VP-24 2009 TBD TBD TBD