Pioneers: The First ASW Aircrewman

Before the AW rate was established, there were many ASW aircrewman of mostly aviation ratings who turned wrenchs, bent tin, fixed survival gear, ran trainers, chased bubbles, re-wired aircraft, and chased trons during the day and hunted subs and flew radar at night.

The Pioneers of the AW rate devised our tactics for Julie, radar, ESM, and this thing called LOFAR. They figured out the physics of the ocean and the mechanics of tracking subs. They were the trailblazers...the Pioneers.

If you were one of those early ASW Aircrewmen who did not have the opportunity to become an AW...this is your page!

If you are one of the Pioneers of the AW rate, let me know. Additionally, if any of the Pioneers would like to include a bio update or pictures of yourself (before AND AFTER preferred), let me know. If you don't have a scanner, just contact me and I'll give you my home address. Mail the picture(s) to me and I'll scan and then mail them back to you.

If one of the Pioneers was your "sea daddy" or was just someone you knew... here is your chance to offer your positive comments on what each of these initial ASW aircrewmen meant to your career.
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