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I Was There and Other Sea Stories

I Was There and Other Sea Stories attempts to capture perhaps some risque or other similar sea story. Most of these stories are normally preceded by the phrase "This is a No-S%&*%*....". So if you have some fact (or probably fiction) to share, please send it in. Please try to avoid names and such...I don't need libel suits and such. We reserve the right to "edit" as necessary to protect both the innocent and the guilty!

A Typical Friday in a VS Outfit: The following is a reflection of VS Fridays at Quonset Point.
Contributed by Kim McDowell

The Joys of NMCI: The following is a fictional, highly exaggerated conversation between a Sailor and a contractor. It is satire and, as such, not meant to be taken literally. This caveat is delivered in the sad realization that we live in a world which requires warning labels on coffee, admonishments not to take hair dryers into the shower, and sensitivity training that serial killers have feelings, too. Thank you and God Bless America.
Contributed by Ken Lynch

The Legend of Al Penwasser: guest writer for the Navy Times
Contributed by Ken Lynch

Bob Overboard!!
Contributed by Joe Midgett

Bird Farm; a college class creative writing assignment of animating inanimate objects
Contributed by Joe Midgett